Monday, December 14, 2009

Safflower Oils helps To Reduce Fat in the Abdominal Area

Study shows that linoleic acid in safflower oil reduces fat in the abdominal area!

According to The Ohio State research news, "16 weeks of supplementation with safflower oil reduced fat in the trunk area, lowered blood sugar and increased muscle tissue in the women participants."

Moreover, the December 2009 Delicious Living Magazine desribed the results of taking  Safflower Oil and they are as follows:

1. Lowered Blood sugar
2.Increased Muscle Tissue
3.Reduced total Body Fat and body mass index (BMI)
4. Reduced fat in the abdominal area

I browsed the web to look for great ways to use safflower oil. Check out these great recipes at Whole Foods Store .

Go get your Safflower Oil Today and start burning un-wanted Fat! Be sure to post your comments about this blog and share it with others!

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Shiketa Morgan

Delicious Magazine, December 2009 Edition pg ,14

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