Monday, November 30, 2009

Your health depends on your ability to relax and meditate

Your health depends on your ability to relax and meditate in a quiet place 5-20 minutes a day. Meditation can be done early in the morning, on your lunch break or every evening after work.

According to Elizabeth Scott, M.S., some of the benefits of meditation includes: "slowing your heart rate and breathing, your blood pressure normalizes, you use oxygen more efficiently, and you sweat less. Also, your adrenal glands produce less cortisol (stress hormone), your mind ages at a slower rate, and your immune function improves. Your mind also clears and your creativity increases."

Furthermore Elizabeth Scott wrote that, People who meditate regularly find it easier to give up life-damaging habits like smoking, drinking and drugs.

3 Steps to Meditation:

1. Find a quiet place in your home to meditate. (the car is also a great place to meditate on a lunch break)
2. Sit in a relaxed position close your eyes and clear your mind. (in a quiet place, or with relaxation music playing)
3. Focus on the relaxation music, something positive, or nothing at all.

My experience with meditation has been wonderful. I prefer to meditate early in the morning (to relaxation or worship music) when everyone in my house is sleeping. This guarantees no interruptions and I am able to start my day with a clear and focused mind!

The more you meditate the more you will enjoy it!

Happy Relaxation,
Shiketa Morgan


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  1. meditation is the key to health wealth and understanding...I love to meditate keeps the mind and body relaxed and keeps you from making harsh or rash decisions...because you will be thinking...the mind needs rest...I like this


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