Monday, September 24, 2012

21-Days To A Healthier You!

Are you ready to live a healthier life? Need more healthier food choices? Are you stressed most of the time? Do you have a fitness plan?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, it's time to become a healthier you! I am currently writing a 21-Day eCourse with my good friend Deborah Francis, the Author of "The Joy of Healthy Living."

Deborah and I felt that it was time that we joined forces to share healthy eating tips from her book; share my Natural Relaxation tips that I have been blogging about for the last 3-years and to share a simple fitness plan that almost anyone can fit into their daily schedule.

Here is an overview of the first 14-days of the eCourse: 

The Joy of Healthy Eating
According to Health Wise, Healthy eating will help you get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It will help you feel your best and have plenty of energy. It can help you handle stress better.

Day 1- The benefits of Eating Apples
Day 2- The Power of Blueberries
Day 3- Boost your Energy and so much more with Bananas
Day 4- Build a Healthy Heart and Fight Cancer with Tomatoes
Day 5- The Joy of Eating Kale
Day 6-The Super Nutrient- Kidney Beans
Day 7-The Benefits of Garlic

7 Days to Relaxation the Natural Way

“Excessive stress on a long term basis can make you obese and unhealthy, says Dr. Don Colbert, author of, “The Seven Pillars of Health.” In fact, too much stress can cause memory loss, increase your blood pressure; raise cortisol levels (stress hormones) in your body and many other health problems. This is why it is vital that you relax more!

Day 1- Massage Therapy
Day 2- Relax with a cup of Chamomile Tea
Day 3-The Power of classical music
Day 4-Meditate the stress away
Day 5-Aromatherapy
Day 6- Yoga
Day 7- Deep breathing

For more information about the eCourse, be sure to join the Natural Living 101 email list!
The Course is almost complete and we look forward to sharing it with you!

To Your Health & Wellness,
Shiketa Morgan

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