Sunday, October 4, 2009

SoyJoy Bar Provides Lasting energy!

When you need a healthy snack that and some energy, grab a Soy Joy bar!
The Soy Joy Bar is contains the following; (3g) fiber, Vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Protein (4g) for lasting energy!

The Soy Joy bar comes in many flavors such as: raisin almond, almond apple, apple walnut, berry, peanut chocolate chip, mango coconut and strawberry; one for everyday of the week! Furthermore, each bar is only 140 calories and contains no artifcial colors, flavors, hydrogenated oils or gluten. Moreover, it helps to regulate sugar in the body and this will keep you from having a afternood energy crash.

If you should have further questions about the SoyJoy bar ask the SoyJoy dietician:

Pick-up a SoyJoy Bar Today at your local grocery store!

by Shiketa Morgan
Natural Living 101

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