Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 New Weightloss Solutions!!!

According to Dr. David Rakel, Director of University of Wisconsin's Integrative medicine program, Taking Vitamin D, Capsaicin (chemical found in hot peppers) and White tea all are solutions to weight loss.
(All 3 natural remedies were previously posted in the October 2009 issue of Body + Soul Magazine)

New research reports that adding hot peppers to your diet could do the following: cut calorie intake and cut quash the hunger. Furthermore, Dr. Rakel says that capsaicin (substance in hot peppers) could keep one from overeating and speeds up the metabolism.

There was a study done on 38 overweight men and women (placed on a low calorie diet) at the University of Minnesota. The study found that the men and women with higher levels of Vitamin D lost more weight.

According to a report in Nutrition and Metabolism, White tea stalls the growth of new fat cells and triggers the breakdown of fat in excisting cells (2009).

More information about Capsaicin, Vitamin D and White Tea....




by Natural Living 101
Shiketa Morgan

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