Sunday, August 12, 2012

The "Natural" Power of Crystals

I was recently in the Earth Bound Store at a Local Mall and I spotted a plastic pouch that contained some crystal and the Word "Energy" was at the top of the plastic pouch.

Moreover, I was a little skeptical about a piece of crystal lifting my energy and at the same time, I was compelled to try it. The instruction on the packet was simple and it read: simply soak the crystals in salt water, allow your crystals to sit outdoors to soak up energy from the sun and hold them in your hand.

So....I decided to buy the crystals!  Immediately after opening the crystals, I rinsed them, sat the Crystals on a table in my sun room for 15-minutes and I held them in my hands for several minutes. My mood was immediately lifted and my hands even had a smooth feel.

The day that I wrote this blog post, I decided to do some more research on the power of crystals and here are some of the sites that I found:

Charging Crystals
The Crystal Site
Healing Crystals for you
Crystal energy healing

I look forward to reading your thoughts about this blog post. Most of all, I would like to know how you have increased your energy with the power of crystals.

With your Health in Mind,
Natural Living 101

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