Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Recent Natural Health & Beauty Findings

I am so excited to share some of my natural health & beauty findings with you! In fact, when I travel, I am on a hunt for natural products!

While I was waiting to get a massage at the Spa Shiki at the Lake of the Ozarks, I decided to check out their Natural Supplements and their Inhalation tubes caught my attention.

In fact, the Inhalation tubes caught my attention because I love aromatherapy and the affects that it has on the body. The inhalation tube that I bought was for mental clarity. All that is required is to simply waive the tube in front of my nose and inhale.

 I decided to purchase the mental clarity inhalation tube because I tend to have very busy days and half way through the day...I can use a Mental BOOST! 

For more information about inhalation, visit

After several hours at the Spa Shiki, we stopped by the Cosmetics Store, because I was on the hunt for some natural skin care products and I discovered that the Cosmetics store sold Origins; my favorite skin care product.

I love Origins products because they are all natural and very gentle on my skin. Moreover, I have very sensitive skin and Origins products seems to be a great match for my skin type. When I was in the Cosmetics store I noticed a trial size kits of Origins White tea facial cleanser and moisturizers.

I decided to give the product a try and I loved it. In fact, my skin was so refreshed after using the cleanser and the moisturizers. Try Origins Today!

My last stop was at the bath and body store. Again I was on the hunt for some all natural beauty products and I discovered the Vanilla Verbena Stress reducing body Wash with essential oils.

After a day of shopping, I took a nice hot bath with the Vanilla Verbena body wash and it was a relaxing experience.

This blog post was not intended to promote any particular product, however, it is intended to inspire you to go natural when shopping for health and beauty products!

I look forward to your feedback about this blog post.

With Natural Living in Mind,

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