Sunday, November 20, 2011

7-Tips For A Healthier Thanksgiving

As my husband and I shopped for Thanksgiving dinner today, I was very selective of my ingredients. In fact, over the past few years, I have learned how to make healthier choices in the grocery store and I want to inspire you to make healthier choices for your family this holiday season.

This Thanks Giving,  my menu includes: Mustard Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Turkey (for the meat lovers), Black eyed peas, macaroni, potato salad, Stuffing (I call it dressing), Cakes, pies, spaghetti and drinks.

About five years prior to writing this blog post, my Thanks Giving meal also included Chitterlings and Ham. I am so glad that we decided to cut the pork!

Just in case you are wondering, how you can make the holidays at your home much healthier? It's easy, choose healthier ingredients!!!

I am going to share with you, some all natural and healthy ingredients that are low-cost and are healthy for your family:

  1. Replace the white sugar with Organic or Raw Sugar.
  2. Instead of using seasoning salt, use Sea Salt, red onions, spices and green peppers to add flavor to your foods.
  3. If you have to add meat to your Greens, beans or Cabbage, consider turkey necks. Ham Hocks are high in fat!
  4. For those egg lovers, choose organic or vegetarian fed eggs for your cakes and pies.
  5. Don't forget the milk. If you want low-fat cakes and pies, consider Almond or Coconut milk. If you don't like plant based milk, choose organic milk.
  6. Are you a butter lover? Consider using a soy based butter like smart balance. It has no animal fat and still taste like butter!
  7. Spaghetti lovers! If you just have to include meat in your spaghetti, use ground turkey. It is much lower in fat than Ground beef.
Be sure to Keep the Hot Foods Hot and the Cold Foods Cold!

I hope that you have been inspired to make healthier choices this holiday season. In fact, your decision to choose healthier ingredients will have a great impact on your family's health!

Happy Thanks Giving to you and your family!

Shiketa Morgan
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