Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Too Much Meat Could Be Clogging Your Arteries


According to the United States Department of Agriculture, we consume significantly more meat and added fat than we did thirty years ago. Moreover, in modern day America, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are common household terms.

The truth is, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are not a new issue. In fact, Dr. Morrison of Los Angeles conducted a study in 1946 to determine the relationship of dietary fat intake to the incidence of atherosclerosis. In his experimental group he reduced the consumption of fat and cholesterol by requiring that his participants eat only a small amount of meat, also limiting butter, eggs and milk.

Dr. Morrison study concluded that, the more animal protein you eat, the more heart disease you have. In addition to this finding, he discovered, plant protein dramatically lowers cholesterol levels.

In recent history, A fourty-four year old man found himself with heart disease. He decided to take part in Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr study (a surgeon and named one of the best Doctors in America in 1994-1995).

After thirty-two months, without any cholesterol lowering medications, he reversed his heart disease and lowered his blood cholesterol to 89 mg/dl. In addition to that good news, with whole foods and a plant based diet; his clogged arteries opened up, allowing more normal blood flow. 

If you are a meat lover and need some ideas for plant based proteins, check out the articles below:


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~Source for this post: The China Study

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