Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Multi-Vitamins or Whole Food Supplements?

"You might as well stand unprotected in front of an X-ray machine as to not eat enough fruits and vegetables." — Dr. Bruce Ames, Winner of the National Medal of Science

Do you take multi-vitamins or a whole food supplement? According to Dr. Don Colbert's Book, Seven Pillars of Health,  multi-vitamins simply do not provide us with the  powerful plant pigment that we get from phytonutrients in whole food supplements.

Plant pigments in whole food supplements help to prevent heart disease and cancer. Dr. Colbert also wrote, " Unfortunately, most of us, as well as our children, are also falling way short of the USDA- recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day and we fall prey to disease as a result of the shortage.

Dr. Colbert also recommends that we take a whole food supplement that contains phytonutrient powder from a combination of colorful organic fruits and vegetables such as: red, yellow, green, orange and purple for your protection every day.

Are you wondering where to get a whole food supplement? Have you heard of Juice Plus? Juice plus is a researched based whole food nutrition that is recommended by Doctors all over the world and researched by Universities all over the world.  Moreover,over 500,000 children all over the world are taking Juice Plus and participating in the Juice Plus Children's Health Study.

Check out this video of  Dr. Richard Dubois talking about the importance of taking a whole food supplement such as Juice plus.

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