Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 Gentle Ways to Detox Your Body

" Detixification is any process that helps to decrease toxins and increase Nutrition."~Elson Haas, MD

According to Dr. Elson Haas, Director of Preventive Medical Center of Marin in SanRafael, California and the Author of the New Detox Diet, " Detox happens anytime you eat wholesome food, avoid junk and chemicals."

In the Article, Gentle DeTox, Pamela Emanoil Bond, lists gentle ways to detox the body and they are as follows:

  1. Eliminate sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol during the detoxification process. A high sugar, high fat diet makes toxins stay in the blood stream longer, according to Walter Crinnion, ND.

  2. Eat more fresh fruits and dark leafy greens such as; spinach and kale. Also, eat more brocolli, cabbage and brussel sprouts.

  3. A 2007 study found that drinking at least 3 cups of green tea a day helps to rid the body of cancer-causing toxins.
When you begin to incorporate these three strategies into your diet, you will minimize your body's exposure to toxins and support your liver (your primary cleansing organ).

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Source: Dierbergs, Winter/Spring 2010: Your Whole Life Store (Natural & Organic Foods)


  1. This is great Shiketa! I was looking for a detox that I could sort of ease into.

  2. Thanks Tamyka! Thats the best way to Detox...The Natural Way! I especially Love the Herbal Wrap! It's relaxing and it detoxes your skin and your body. See the blog post. Wishing you much health & wellness Tamyka(CEO Mamma).

  3. Shiketa very informative! I'm very into wellness right now (and always will be). Any possibility I can feature this post on my blog? I just started a wellness category. Let me know. Thanks.


  4. Go ahead! I will check out your blog. Thanks Sandra:)


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