Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Natural Remedy For Dry Skin

Do you suffer with dry skin? If so, I know how you feel. In fact, I've had dry skin since I was a teenager and I have found only one solution to my dry itchy skin and that is......."Lye" Soap!

I was recently out shopping in a local health store and found a bar of Lye Soap. The package around the soap included the words, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR DRY SKIN. Seeing those words, influenced me to buy the soap, without even questioning the price.

The manufacturer of the soap is GRANDMA'S Pure & Natural. If you are looking for a great "All Natural Soap" for dry skin, eczema, acne or psoriasis, consider using Lye Soap.

My first experience with using Lye soap began back in the summer of 2011. I must say that it was the best soap that I had ever used on my skin. In fact, I did not need to use lotion, oils or moisturizers after bath with Lye soap.

Using Lye soap helps to soothe your dry skin, however, it is best to get to the root cause of your dry skin. In the WEB MD article, What's Causing Your Dry Skin problem, the author wrote: "Dry air is probably the most common cause of dry skin, especially during the winter," says Kenet, "It draws the moisture right out of the skin." Dry skin during winter even gets its own name: winter itch."

I have developed a obsession for natural skin products. In fact, when I find natural soap, I buy it!  Check out my Natural Skin Care Findings on a Trip to Siver Dollar City Last Summer!

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