Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For Better Health.....Eat an Apple a Day!

According to Kristie Leong MD, an apple a day helps your body in the following ways: fight cancer, helps you to feel full longer, reduce the risk of weight gain; and helps to lower your cholesterol levels.

Moreover, Apples help to reduce tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria in the mouth, prevents gallstones, neutralizes irritable bowel syndrome, detoxifies your liver, boost your immune system and prevents cataracts according to Better

For Optimal Health & Wellness, be sure to eat an Apple a Day. For more information on the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables, visit my Juice Plus+ Website!

Best of Health,
Shiketa Morgan


  1. I do agree with eating more fruits but I am concerned with the level of pesticides in the apple skins. I prefer to purchase organic apples instead of the run-of-the-mill grocery store variety.

  2. I agree. organic apples are better and free of pesticides. Thanks for your comment!


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