Friday, September 4, 2009

15 Minutes in the Sun will Reduce your Chances of Catching a Cold or Flu

Here is something to think about. Do you see many people catching a cold or the flu in the Summer time? You are right the answer is "No." We spend more time outdoors in the summer time absorbing Vitamin D from the Sun. Study shows that Vitamin D builds our immune system. During the Fall and winter people tend to spend more time indoors. This means that your body does not get as much Vitamin D from the Sun rays.

The Winthrop University Hospital reports that spending 15 minutes in the sun daily during the last days of summer could reduce your chances of catching a cold or flu by 300 percent. More over, Dr. Michael Holick of Boston University School of Medicine says that the body stores Vitamin D in fatty tissue, which could last up to four months.

Get started today spending 15minutes in the sun to build up your immune system and reduce your chances of catching a cold or a Flu!

Posted by Shiketa Morgan

Source: First for women Magazine (9/14/09 issue)
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