Saturday, April 11, 2009

We need water for optimal health....Have you tried Fiji Water?

It is recommended that women consume at least 2.7 Liters of water and men consume over 3 liters of water a day. I know, this seems like a lot of water, however, the body needs it for optimal health. Here are some benefits to drinking the recommended amount of water a day:

  • Regulated body temperature
  • lowered blood pressure
  • internal cleansings of cells
  • aids in weight loss and digestive system
  • organs will function better and so much more!
Have you Tried Fiji Water?

 Fiji water contains minerals and nutrients that are healthy for our bodies including: Silica(85), Magnesium (13), Calcium (17), and a Ph of 7.5. These nutrients are found in a 1.05pt bottle of Fiji water. Magnesium is important in helping to maintain a lower blood pressure, ask your physician or research it. Calcium is needed to maintain healthy bones and strong teeth. This is just a small list of benefits of drinking Fiji water.

I have read many stories about how Fiji water is simply tap water, but do we really know that? I do know that the water that is flushed down our toilets, the hair products that we rinse down our sinks, the pesticides that we use on our lawns are all flushed back into our water system. I do not want to drink that! One more thing to consider, take a look at your pipes around your faucet. Is there corrosion or hard water staining? Do you want that in your body?

The cost of drinking Fiji water is cheaper than having a load of medical bills for having high blood pressure or any other medical condition that is associated with not drinking enough water.

Share your experiences of drinking Fiji water by commenting on this blog. I believe the more Fiji water we drink, the demand will be higher and eventually the cost will be more affordable.

Shiketa Morgan
"The Natural Way of Living"


  1. Since you were wondering where FIJI Water comes from, I thought I'd let you know that it is natural artesian water that comes from the Fiji islands. You can find more info on our website:

    Feel free to ask us questions on our Facebook page or on Twitter!

  2. I love the feel of Fiji Water in my mouth. It has a smooth feeling like nothing else I have ever experienced with any other water. I have heard mixed things about it. Some say it is terrible for you while others claim it is like the fountain of youth. All I know is that it is wonderful... the way it makes you feel. Although you think many people should buy Fiji Water, I worry about the supply running out. And it is obvious that those that say it is "just tap water" have never experienced the wonder that Fiji Water is. Lets just hope it stays on the shelves, and its price is not a problem for me, even on the meager $500 a month that I make as a church secretary.

  3. I also love have Fiji water feels in my mouth Joy! I wish it was more affordable, so that more people are bale to experience the benefits of drinking Fiji water! I invite you to follow the blog and thanks again for your feedback!


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